Is that in the bible?

  • Does the bible say that God ordered the rape of some young girls?

    Does the bible say that God's law against rape included the victim being stoned to death if she did not she scream?

    Does the Bible say that one of God's law permitted a rapist to buy the victim and get married to her, so he can legally rape her?

    Does the Bible say that one child had been killed by bears sent by God at the request of some guy? The child had insulted the man.

    Does the Bible say that some sick fuck offered his daughters to be raped, only to get some angels out of trouble? (as if they could not open their fucking wings an escape) - joke

  • Nice thoughts man!

  • @lovenyatko Nice thoughts? You are trying to get me married, man! That is nit nice.

  • Gamers


    hi .. your beard reminds me of someone

    ragnar lodbrok

    him... 😂

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