Hidden Beauties In India

  • India, the largest country in the South Asian region is well known for its diversity in cultures, great personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore and for places like Agra and the Himalaya. It's a less known fact that this subcontinent is also rich with a number of places with enchanting science beauty that attracts both local and foreign tourists.

    Nohkilakai falls ('Jump of Ki Lakai ' in the local language) in Cherrapunji is one such place hidden within the dense forests in the East Khasi mountains in the state of Meghalaya. Cherrapunji is one of the wettest areas in the world with an annual rainfall about 1176 cm. This is the tallest plunge waterfall in India and is fed by the water collected in the plateau above. The pool below has unusually greenish water which makes it more attractive.

    Matheran (' Forest on the forehead of mountains ') Hill station is another favourite among the tourists, it is located in close proximity to Mumbai, the busiest city in the state of Maharashtra. It is 2,625 feet above sea level and declared on eco-sensitive region by the Indian government. Roads in this area are made of red late rite earth and you can see well, preserved old British style buildings too. There're several lookout points in Matheran such as the panorama point which gives a 360° view of the surrounding area.

    Bellum caves in Andrapradesh is another site with an approximate length about 3.5 Km,it is the largest cave in India. It is made of black limestone and formed by the constant flow of underground water. There are also deposits of quartz. They are well known for the stalactite and stalagmite formations. There are long passages, spacious chambers, fresh water pools and siphons. The deepest point is 150 feet from the entrance level and is called "Pataalaganga" , which means the 'river in the underworld '.....

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  • @Oshadi brother every place has its own beauty whole earth is beautiful not only India its mother earth, when jhangesh khan went to kabul Afghanistan he saw the city was impressed just seeing kabul he did want to have a war inside city because he didn't want to destroy beautiful city..
    about mahatma gandhi he is not great he is the one horny dhothi wala with non voilance bull s**t. Rss is done by gandhi this is the reason Neethu ram gowdsey killed gandhi in public because separation of India and Pakistan didn't go well its was like all Muslim should live to Pakistan and
    Hindu in India didn't happen that way, also its divided by gandhi ,jinna, Neharu, also
    Neharu had affair with Mount batten wife because he was gay also political issues too.. read the book called Indian summer possible or may be you will have different view about mahatma babuji yeah, one more all Indian have two fathers one is biological one is national father thats gandhi

  • @knownsense I made this article about India. And when did I say that India is only beautiful? I'm sure...!!! Don't be so rude.. Why like this lol?

  • @Oshadi brother may be it sounds rude to you I wasn't I was just giving my part of view and forgive me if u think I was rude

  • oshadi, the beauty I see is the music, the art and the understanding of life. We cover ourselves, sometime blind ourselves with materialistic things, media corruption and power, but when I hear some of the music, some of beauty of india, it makes me realize, everything we need, is in our hearts. India makes me dream that.

  • @AXES yh.... I agree with you .but this article is about beauties of India.... Just an article!!!!

  • @Oshadi I started to be interested in Indian literature after reading some works of Rabindranath Tagore. But among the ones I read I like "Kabuliwala" the most. Since it was the first work of him that hook me up with his works. Anyway, just wanted to share this. Also I like Indian mythology. 😊