• I was thinking of immigrating to Switzerland, or The netherlands, or maybe sweden.🇨🇭🇸🇪🇳🇱

  • @INFINITY yeah maybe

  • A downside to holland is that the language dutch is one of the easier in the world, but there are 2 articles, and which word has which is totally random. So if you’re an adult, you will likely make mistakes for a long time because the only way to get it right is to know them all by heart (even Dutch children make mistakes in the articles till a relatively late age (about 8 yo) when in most languages younger kids can master it completely). Imagine English had “the” and “tha” and which word needs which is totally random.

    Some things not yet mentioned,
    Netherlands has swimming and biking, Sweden has canoeing and snow, Switzerland has hills and chocolate

  • @marzipan yo thanks for this in detail comment, 😅, yeah i thought maybe sweden lol, ive heard alot of good things from there

  • @Cosmic_Lady I like norway too

  • @Eucalyptus yeah i really hope to move to europe as quickly as possible, because my country is becoming more shit by the day

  • @marzipan Are the people in The netherlands welcoming to immigrants

  • @Eucalyptus the cold is where i thrive😂

  • @Eucalyptus yeah lmao, my language is very simular, anyways, i hope you are still healthy👌

  • @Eucalyptus oh oof😂😎, like a day at the beach(i hope)

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    Italy? Malta? Greece?


    • Switzerland:
      +sides: beautiful nature, generally nice, hard working people from what I have seen
      -sides: Insane work ethic, you have to work hard to make a living there

    • Netherlands:
      +sides: coffeeshops, generally open minded people, some parts are beautiful I guess, almost everybody knows English and likes to speak it.
      -sides: coffeeshops, crowded, not much nature, I don't think it's that easy to get a decent job

    • Sweden:
      +sides: Beautiful nature, in most of scandinavia you can get a decent job from what I know (I don't know how it is for immigrants)
      -sides: Most of scandinavia has a high cost of living (but you do get payed more I think)

    Of the three I'd say Sweden is your best bet... The language would also be easy to learn for you, but I guess all three languages will be easy to learn (depending on what part of Switzerland). But honestly, I don't know the countries well enough and I don't know what it would be like to be an immigrant in my country, but I'd say Sweden would be the 'chillest' of the three.

    Sounds exciting though!!

  • Norway would be my vote


    @ryanmahguy But you still have to wait a couple of years right?
    By the way, Norway as a country is very beautiful and I think it would be an awesome country to live in.. Bút I would never want to live there because the majority of the Norwegians I know are kinda... whispers boring :shushing_face: Of course I also know some pretty cool Norwegian people, but in general they are very mainstream.. And I'm not really into mainstream, but it might suit you.... :fire: :fire: Anyways, I wish you good luck on wherever you might land .. I do think every country has it's own shittiness. And you might need to get used to the cold (and the darkness) of the more northerns countries... :D


    @ryanmahguy That depends on a lot of things and I think there will always be people that are welcoming and people that are not welcoming, but I think the Dutchies are quite used to immigrants. And by the way, I don't think that the learning of the articles should be that big of a problem for you since your language is so similar. The articles are probably different, but still, I'd say you'll get a hang of the language soon enough.. (and there are sóme rules, but not many, it is quite difficult, but so many immigrants do it wrong, we are not even surprised by that) ;)


    @ryanmahguy Lol, talk to me again after you've experienced temperatures of -40 degrees celcius :joy: :snowflake:

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