• This is not my ogiginal. Guess what is this, perhaps?

    Seasons change but my heart stays the same. I miss you.

    New York will not exist today, neither will it tomorrow, i am alone, i am nowhere, everyone is someone else, i embrace my own body, and LOVE, you don't want me to turn off the light, the window is open and the past comes within me like a wish, shivers, shivers, I'm shivering. You are the quiver of my memory.

    The airport and skies, separates new york and jakarta, the disquiet in your chest and the secret that wait in the soul of this verse are separated by words, so is longing, an ocean between a home and a lost wanderer, a father who tears a child from his mother or the other way round, or your smile, the wall between my sanity and myself, how are you today? Look at the question mark. It is the precipice between my foolishness and my longing to belong to you again.

    I know i made a big mistake, i hurt you, i left you, and i don't know how many times I've cursed myself over that mistake and i should be thankful that you have forgiven me and you are willing to be friends with me again, but i have to be honest, i want us to be more than that, if you think we still have a second chance, i will cancel my flight.

  • @SendUrNudes
    Hmm no clue where you got this from,
    There’s nothing wrong with love,
    Anddddd I love youuuu bb ;))💋

  • @Lime lol I'll tell you later, maybeeee.

    u gay.. hahahaha i love you too. :kiss_mark: