Depressed or Lazy

  • other than work I don’t really do anything, I’m 17 years old about to enter my senior year and have nothing going on. I really don’t have the motivation to do anything, I just wanna watch Netflix or sleep. And most of my free time I just stress about work and how I’m going to hold a conversation with my coworkers ( yup I gotta little anxiety going on there ;)) but yeah sometimes I try to convince myself that ya know who cares how work goes in the end of the day I’m getting money, but it’s always that random and unnecessary thought that creeps in my head. what do you guys think? Lmao I know TRAGIC.

  • One Woman Army Sarah's Fan Club

    it's okay to feel unmotivated sometimes. you don't have to be productive 24/7. as long as you have long-term plans, everything should turn out fine. try to accept yourself & the situation you're in, find a good way to relieve stress and change will come. definitely prioritize mental clarity above all.

    also, try not to fret over having conversations with your coworkers. constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating 🙂

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