Is there really a soulmate kinda thing in this world? Or it is just a myth that pairs make in heaven....

  • What do you think about it?

  • @Lovely123 I am my own soul, and who I wish to share it with is the better for it as I am in receiving, How long the union will last depends on so many things in life. So in answer to the question, NO there is no such thing in my mind as a soulmate, to myself, it is a lazy way of looking at life that one should build together as long as all things mesh into a good life.

  • @Lovely123 ,I find the whole concept of soulmates quite laughable.
    They exist in books, movies, fairy tales, cartoons, and everywhere else you might look in the mainstream media.Just not in real life, Because the chances that someone in this universe is specifically created for uh r so infinitely small that you’d have a better chance of being struck by lightning 1000000 times in a row the moment uh leave ur house.But soulmates r good fr feeding a person’s Ego. It’s makes us feel nice to believe that somewhere, someone’s created just fr uh and no one else. It gives our life hope and some kind of meaning, albeit a false one.

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    A real soulmate is that person who sings and rejoices with you through your good days and stands by your side through the valley. Call him or her a good friend or a romantic partner as long as there is total understanding, mutual respect and unconditional love between the two or more if you had soulmates.

  • must be true. what do you say to people who have been married 50 yrs or more?

  • I don't believe pairs make it into the same heaven or spirit world if they aren't of same mindset. You can be soulmates or whatever and not have same beliefs

  • @Cosmic_Lady wholeheartedly agree. I kinda thought maybe there was soulmates but the two soulmate couples I knew got divorced so lol. Anything worth fighting for takes work ☺️

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