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    HoodoHoodlumsRevenge, also the vid he made it in will be placed after the story, thanks for listening

    Hi. My name is Fred. Let’s just call me that for security reasons. I will tell you this story, but if you are expecting answers by the end… prehpasre to be diasprointed. There just are nonw bexause I am still wrapping my head around thisa.

    So, I was an intern at Disney Studios in an ucndisclosed locasion. This meant I got exsclusive exrtrea access to episodes of Sisney shows and stuff like that; it was awesome. I had direwct acces to it because the company felt thety had to capitalize on the growing market of intern opinions. It was awesome indeed.

    One day when I came to work, my boss told me they had a new episode of Disnet’s Reccess reafdy for me. I was shicked; was Disney going to revcive my favorite show since growing up? I goped this revival would be good and fauthfuol to the original and not some CGI crap.

    I went into the editing room and the animators told me to sit down and watch and sht up.
    The epsideo started and it was called Spinelli’s Spagetti reconing. I was confused byt shrugged it odf ass a glitch or a joke. Very funny, yeah,. The title authors were obviously genuinses to think of this hilarious title!

    Anyways the episode started and it was normal, no weird intros or anything. Then it cut to static; not blood red static like in Sonic.exe or something but the static was blue and it was strangew; it looked like something out of Sony Vehas.

    Once the video came back the audio was distorted and my ears hurt from the loudness. What showed up on screen frightedned me to no end. Gus was on screen and his eyrs were black with red pupils and they were also crying.. hyper realistic rtears of BLOOD! Gus then smilled an eerie grin and this was the scariest thing I had evewr seen in my life. Yeah, my parents sheltered me for years so don’t question this.

    Gus told me; hell is only the beginning. Yor mortal soul cannot stop our reckoninbg. You wll fall into darknbess and all will be lost.

    I was SHOCKD and confused. What was HGus saying? My childhood was ruined and I cried then and there which was very embarrassing in fromt of all my co workers but they looked just as confused as me; did they invent this episode or not? And if so, why were they still watchinfg? And wasting important time? Work, dammit!

    Gus then whipped his head back as if being shot by a gun and disappeared from the frame. Rhe animation looked way too good for the early 2000s. It was really gfluid and realistic. Sounds came from thre speakers that should not have been possible, but it was olkay; one of the other interns had accidentally set off his Aphex Twin album in the backgound; it was not from the episode itself. All good.,

    Anywats, then Gretchen appears whthout herglasses and said “glasses are for mortals, I have transvcended sight and now see everything clearly.” As I freading my mind. I was so confused by this pint. I had to lay down while wartching the rest.

    The episode ended with Mickeys dead body as he laid on the playground. The episode ended in static.

    Everyone was obviously confused adter this and we called Walt Disney down to explain himself. He was annoyed and said “Get back to work you slags.”

    He then went back to his office and I went back to mopping the floors and giving coffee to people. Turns out we had accidentally put on some youtube Reccess fan video. Whoops.

    The end.

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