• soo i’ve been on summer vacation for about three days with me and my three sisters we went to the beach then we went swimming then we went to the gift shop then we went to play putt putt and go mini carting And then we went Back to the hotel and we fell asleep it’s been a very nice three days but we’re also switching hotels because we don’t like this one I love spending time with my family I think it’s a very very nice thing to do my sister took a lot of pictures so yeah I’m just sharing my experience I had so far and that’s really it thanks for reading people I love ya 🤗🤗💜🧡💛💚Summer anime girl

  • @XxLil-pet-LolaxX sounds great!

  • And then and then and then

  • @XxLil-pet-LolaxX Good I have a feeling it's your first time trying to express yourself and your experience but that's a great begining can't wait to read more of your post :)

  • all ok and wondeful !! Good for you and very glad you had fun switching hotel .. better I guess next time you go as traveler not as tourist?? Tourist it's a idea to spend money in the name of happiness and joy.. holiday a given choice to choose !!
    Traveler.. accepting the given surroundings as it is and be comfortable.. a real experience plus learning and knowing for the self !! So yeah !!

  • @JohnDoes
    You read and think like this ...= What to read ?? And what to think lmao😂??
    That there will be some kind of plot twist now, but no, = fat fucking lie past story is sensation always add on to make it feel proud..all past doing have a reason now always will be because not able to admit the fault for the self !!
    on present my story was more interesting,= well I do not know the story assumption is not good let us decide that ? By the way who cares so ??
    I spent my summer in Hong Kong and it was just incredibly cool, = well Mr old boy don't you think too cool for school ?? China now I guess ??
    for me it is a great place to start a new life, and after half a year I returned there, but as a full-fledged citizen company secretary = well in the end all went well good to hear that bravo and bless you !!
    and not a tourist, well good for you so find out what travelling is ??
    I had ambitions and ideas, and I tried to realize everything now= well not enough just realise yeah , u need to analyse your realisation very important to gain knowledge. And so it happened= . Magica lovely and wonderful innit ??
    I didn't understand nothing what is this post about if you do understand reply me ??