@JohnDoes You read and think like this ...= What to read ?? And what to think lmao?? That there will be some kind of plot twist now, but no, = fat fucking lie past story is sensation always add on to make it feel proud..all past doing have a reason now always will be because not able to admit the fault for the self !! on present my story was more interesting,= well I do not know the story assumption is not good let us decide that ? By the way who cares so ?? I spent my summer in Hong Kong and it was just incredibly cool, = well Mr old boy don't you think too cool for school ?? China now I guess ?? for me it is a great place to start a new life, and after half a year I returned there, but as a full-fledged citizen company secretary = well in the end all went well good to hear that bravo and bless you !! and not a tourist, well good for you so find out what travelling is ?? I had ambitions and ideas, and I tried to realize everything now= well not enough just realise yeah , u need to analyse your realisation very important to gain knowledge. And so it happened= . Magica lovely and wonderful innit ?? I didn't understand nothing what is this post about if you do understand reply me ??