• there is God i do bilieve

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    there is God i do bilieve

    I don't bilieve u r good in teaching English tho

  • @BEES Great scientists have said that they can prove that God doesn't exist in that if God is both Beneficent and Omnipotent then he is powerful and good enough to keep all bad things from happening... so if God is Beneficent he cannot be Omnipotent and if he is Omnipotent he must be Malifecent for not Righting all Wrongs and stopping pain an misery... but does nothing to Right the Wrongs BECAUSE he IS Beneficent again BECAUSE he uses his great Patients and Power to allow us to learn to be more like Christ through personal hardships Then he IS Omnipotent... Free agency is a great gift he's offering to deal with hardship as well as act righteously or act wickedly by our choice to chose Right ir Wrong ultimately following him, becoming like him or as the scripture say, follow him, he is the WAY and the light, through tragedy and persecution we are learning more about him "... for in my father's house there are are many mansion."

  • God is always there for us and cares for us; he loves his creation but hates the bad behaviour of his creation.

  • Also God does exist! I mean we didn't come out of thin air... the big bang didn't occur from nothing! Plus an explosion usually creates disorder; actually the bigger the explosion the bigger the disorder! But with the big bang, instead of a massive amount of disorder, we got some of it and a beautiful world to live in.

  • @ㅤㅤㅤ Definetly god exist but you need to open your mind and heart to see him , most of people only confirm what their senses confirm and thats why they can't see god ... It's more than what you can see that's the point .

  • Am really sorry for your loss. I also lost my dad last year to corona. But what I believe is God doesn't exist. Special not the one we know. I rather believe unknown diety as our God than to believe it's the other known gods. Be it Allah,jesus etc

  • @BEES

    Just why take good people away? Where is God when you need him?

    It is very likely that a god exists but he simply doesn't care and does whatever he wants. He doesn't necessarily have to be in line with human morality.

  • You want God to stop life 4 u???

  • you can write me your phone number- I'll try to help...