• I'm hurt but I can't cry? Why? Oh I see, just because I'm a boy? So my emotions, feelings all of these are covered by a stone wall!right?
    If I cry I might feel low infront of others. It's a prestigious matter nah? A girl can cry, can erase her feelings or can be light by crying but we can't.. if we cry it will be a question on our MANISM? No buddy, crying is expressing urself whn u r sad n sometimes whn u r happy also. If u can express urself then only u can start a next day with a fresh mind. If u don't cry when u need,then u can't start ur next day with a fresh find. Cry loudly one day or Cry silently for whole life.. Choice is urs.. But remember one thing, we got one life n one chance to create memories. Don't loose it. Cry to wash away all stress n depressions. Otherwise u will loose urself.☺

  • Idk why. I guess it just shows people that we aren’t “masculine” enough and it sucks. One times i got in trouble and my dad wouldn’t stop yelling and grounded me for like a month. I got sad and just cried in my locker when I got to school and a girl walked past and called me Thin Skinned, btw it didn’t help me. then I noticed I just have to hold in my emotions so that I can be treated like others!

  • @Tommy-8-24 No buddy,it is not. Crying is something which helps everyone to survive. Whn u r hungry,why u take foods? Why don't u think for anything then? Caz it helps u to fill up ur hunger. Just like this, crying is also a solution of depression n loneliness. Treat it like the same way. A man who cried, shared everything with himself only can feel the way of life. If u don't cry loudly one day,trust me! U will cry whole life silently. Silent pain is nothing but a step ahead of suicide.
    Start crying and reduces ur negative emotions. It will help u in every ways

  • Noo , boys also can cry , they are human as well , n crying isn't always a weakness , sometimes we cry cry bc we're happy , but I don't like to cry in front of people even though Im a girl, I prefer to cry on my own, in order to empty all my bad feelings, and such boys can cry because they're human, and they feel the same way, I personally didn't see a boy crying, but certainly if I find a boy crying, I won't insult him or make fun of me but I'll hug him and tell him to keep crying.

  • @Lucifer114 toxic masculinity is making you feel this way. love, it is okay to cry. it is okay to be yourself.

  • @Lucifer114 These are not tears...
    They are the soul of my heart
    and along with them bears
    all my feelings and pain;
    they are fearless,
    they are courageous,
    and unlike me,
    they are bold enough;
    They silently tell others
    what I couldn't dare
    about my feelings
    and also about
    the few things
    that were
    left unsaid....

  • @solveeeig respect ur thoughts n exactly I also didn't see a boy crying. That's the only reason I have posted

  • @baldshinobi I want every boy to cry loudly when they need. This way we can save many lives. Number of suicides will also reduce

  • @Mickeyyyyy nice one