My Quote Adapted From Christopher Hitchens

  • Just remember this Quote(which can be used in any Conversation really). And that's been Modified by me! Here is my Quote:

    "Claims Without Evidence Can be Dismissed Without Evidence".

    It is/was Originally said by Christopher Hitchens(A Famous Atheist), But I Modified it a bit! Here is His Original Quote:

    "What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence."

    Source:'s_razor. Maybe Wikipedia Not That Good So here is a diffrent link:

    Well I Really Think That Is literally the Best Quote(Or 1 Of The best) Quotes I have Ever Heard/Encountered! I mean think about it we Dont Really believe In Unicorns for example because there isnt really any evidence for them!
    So that quote Can literally can distinguish Reality from Fiction(Maybe even Save your life in this way)! So just remember this Quote in your life, in Conversation Especially!

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