• First, calculate your birth number by adding all your birth date, birth month, and birth year. Then, add the digits of the sum. Do, this until you get a one-digit number.

    For eg: My birthday is on 8th May 2005
    8 + 5 + 2005 = 2018
    2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11
    1 + 1 = 2
    So, 2 is my birth number.

    Note: If you end up with 10 at the end, strike the 0. Your number is one.

    Now, match the results with your birth number and find out about your personality. Here you go:

    Ones - The Originator
    They are strong individuals at heart with incredible skills for leadership and success.
    They are generally the ‘self-starters’ and independent with a more masculine nature.
    They achieve success through a strong focus and original ideas.
    They usually show a great deal of courage.
    They tend to have the willpower to achieve their goals.
    But some of them may not get the willpower and will be rather weak-willed instead, seeming to be stubborn and selfish.

    Twos - The Peacemaker
    They are known for their more feminine nature.
    They are kind, courteous, loving, and possess a gentle nature.
    They are regarded often as peacekeepers.
    They sometimes carry a leaning towards laziness and carelessness, tend to keep the truth fudged, and are usually spoiled and oversensitive.

    Threes - The Life Of Party
    Their imagination is constantly brewing rich ideas making them masters of communication.
    They tend to enjoy inspiring others and they sparkle with creativity.
    Their traits allow them to be more tolerant of others, emitting a sense of charismatic happiness.
    They can sometimes be frequently taking a negative view on most things.

    Fours - The Conservative
    They are dependable, hard-working, and steadfast.
    They are recognized as methodical, precise, and exact.
    Their devotion to their tasks and goals makes them ideally dedicated to the sense of upholding good ideals.
    Their dedication to their goals, work, and ambitions can sometimes lead them to neglect their families and friends, making them seem cold, boring, and being slightly antisocial.

    Fives - The Nonconformist
    They have an adventurous spirit and amazingly high energy.
    They jump in both feet first and cherish the freedom that a good life can offer.
    They adapt to many situations with an unbelievable amount of versatility.
    They seem to be able to show courage when facing new circumstances, not allowing the unknown to stop them.
    They have also been characterized as having addictive behaviors, engaging in hazardous sexual exploits.

    Sixes - The Romantic
    They are nurturing, loving, compassionate, and sympathetic in their relationships.
    They are fair-minded and loving.
    Most of them tend to become teachers or healers of some sort as patience comes with these traits.
    Their overprotectiveness may cause them to become anxious, suspicious of strangers, or less known others.

    Sevens - The Intellectual
    They are more on the spiritual side of things, possessing a strong intuition, high intelligence, and a basic instinct to notice many things. They tend to be able to study much easier due to their nature and their perseverance.
    They can sometimes be seen as distant or cold, disconnecting them from social skills and an increased rate of sarcasm.

    Eights - The Big Shot
    They are commanding and prone to positions of power.
    They seek a magnitude of control and can usually pull it off successfully.
    They tend to be realistic, detached from material goods, and possessing the ability for balanced and critical thinking.
    They are fantastic judges of character and can usually read you correctly.
    They sometimes become cruel, insensitive, possibly violent, and even having a propensity towards bullying or greed.

    Nines - The Performer
    They are compassionate and charitable.
    They are inherently humanitarian.
    They believe in charity, cooperation, self-sacrifice, and generosity. They tend to be very creative and aristocratic, with proud and romantic ideas.
    They have a strong inclination towards self-victimization or pitying.
    They show self-centredness, egocentricity, and pride.

  • @Pepsigurl 5. Imma sexually exploit you

  • I'm a 1. If you're not first, you're last

  • @Pepsigurl I am 2 too

  • @Canadian-guy You are first to get smoked

  • Only if I'm not quick on my feet and zig zag!

  • This list is flawed lol my gf is not anything an 8 would be lol

  • @Pepsigurl an 8 commanding and powerful you will do as I say 😁

  • @Canadian-guy at least e tried lol

  • @Pepsigurl My birth number says that i was born (2)

  • @Canadian-guy of course it would not suite all the ppl

  • The funny thing is I have many traits of many numbers lol

  • @Pepsigurl i got 5. Makes sense..

  • @Vlad20 hello man! 😊

  • @DennisJM Are you a pisces Dennis? We have that thing of relating to everyone, last sign on the horoscope

  • @Scottish I am Virgo bro

  • @Pepsigurl
    16+3+1995 = 2014
    2+0+1+4 = 7

    so apparently i'm a seven

    oh god why

  • @sarah_the_magpie 😂😂😂 it figures Sarah! Not the cold part though

  • @Pepsigurl I'm a 3, and pretty much a good description, but not the life of the party, by any means.