M/M Romance Suggestions

  • Guys, suggest me so M/M romance books.

  • Chocolate Lovers ;)

    Here are your suggestions honey:
    Him, Try, Promises & Zero at the Bone
    Hope you like 'em

  • @Pepsigurl i have read Him and Promises. Will check out the others. Thank you.

  • Try to read Ashes and Flames (Dragon Magic # 3) Aiden Bates and Jill Haven (e-book)
    Description of the e-book below:
    I want to protect him ... no matter the cost.

    After threatening dragons everywhere, my task was simple - to find the mage with the evil magic book and bring him home to Amberwood Weir. There we could find out what he knew ... and what we could do about it.

    Finding him was easy ... but protecting him is difficult.

    The more I get to know Daniel, the more I realize that he is another victim in all of this - is hunting, afraid and so beaten that he cannot even recognize a helping hand when he calls it. He tugs at my heart strings, even as his uncontrollable magic threatens to burn the world around us.

    Good thing I'm fireproof.

    Ashes and Flames is a 77-word novel that features dangerous geniuses, a mysterious sentient book, uncontrollable magic, and explosive, fiery passion. With a magician too broken to believe in victory and a dragon determined to save him despite this, this third episode is best read after Book Two: The Ashes and the Grave.

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