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    Sometimes when we're in Problem or Trouble or any else.🙁
    then we share our problems with friends or close friends..🙂
    The answer is almost
    quit and move on..🙄
    we try to understand our problem that What kind of situations are we in and how are we doing😒
    And we fail them in understanding our feelings
    Because we know very well that What's wrong with us ..🤒
    Our good friends want us to be happy, so they say forget the bad things and move on.🤗🤗
    But we don't come out of it and stop Sharing things and of feelings😔😔
    And we say we have forgotten everything
    But we don't do.. 🤐🤐🤐
    Only the dead knows the condition of the grave 😣😣
    Well I'm talking about my friends who chose me to share their serious problem. 💕
    My another friend cheated her and she told me how he cheat her then I asked my another friend what he did.. He refused to talk about her.. And after that I came back my friend and said forget him and move on👊👊👊
    Seeing others in the same trouble
    I feel less troublesome

  • it is good to have people to help relate and talk too

  • @Katherine-k At times I feel I don't quite understand what you're saying...but I always enjoy the way you say what you do. :grin:

  • @Katherine-k wauwzie...this is actually totally relatable

  • Banned

    @Lazz 🙄😂😂 okk

    There's nothing like understanding..
    Thank you

  • @Katherine-k You mean "Heart condition" Only they knows who passed on that situation..
    Sometimes we are in the same situation but still don't understand..