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  • and thats only the public stuff 😏

  • @WtfDeckoFalls well i took some effort to collage all this.

  • So they're going to watch the launch of mars persevere rover. Such a romantic event. If I were Twitter I will tell NASA to stop with the crazy mars talk for a while. We need to focus on fixing our planet down here, as we live here.

  • @kaia_ Indeed Kaia i'm totally agreed with ya, i have the same thoughts about mars missions. Mars can't replace earth, and the money they are wasting, they can invest it here to improve this place, it will be much easier and faster. But they're doing it for some other reasons, may be unknown to us.

  • @Bill-Dhivid NASA's replying "Nice, we [blueheart] Earth, just look at it:"... I won't ruin their date :) It just.. they should prove their love for earth. Prioritize earth's need. How much money NASA threw at it even if funds were unlimited? We're facing a global issue. Hard to decide which one deserves more investment to save the rest. Eonomy, environment, education and research, or human life? NASA's mars exploration program sounds....whatever.. We don't need to populate mars. Earth is by far, far and away, our best home. Even elon musk says he won't be the first person on mars because he doesn't want to die. Excellent. He's not stupid XD

  • @kaia_ clap clap👏, well said
    I have too much respect for Elon Musk for his outstanding works yet I don't like this project. He's a businessman , NASA is kind of same as well, i hope their date is not full of cheating with Earthians.