• This is just a random question and...I need to know that answer for it just for the future

  • I'd say you just let it go. Trying to make something broken work is not a good idea, and feeling cannot be forced. If he did something wrong when losing feelings for you is debatable, but it cannot be changed.
    Just end it before it becomes an awful situation

  • @MartinR ig your right

  • @Genny-the-B if u really love him, then try to make him like u more, by doing things he likes, but if he still doesn’t care, he’s not for you. I don’t really have that much advice 😅sorry

  • @Apricot k thanks

  • @Genny-the-B Dump him not worth ur time if that starts its really not worth waitin around

  • @Genny-the-B leave him. if he can’t see your worth then shouldn’t waste any time trying to get him to.

  • Complicated question because everyone's situation is different. Realistically I would need a lot of more information to go on. If you'd like to tell me more about it, feel free to contact me and I'll try to give you better advice, but here goes.

    The reason's I've "lost" feelings for a girl in the past:

    1. My feelings were not as genuine to begin with as I thought. New things are exciting, especially relationships. There are all of the sexual thoughts and the desire to feel wanted/appreciated. Sometimes when that initial lure wears off it just isn't what you thought it was.
    2. I did not feel like my feelings were reciprocated. My girlfriend never showed me her affection well enough and I felt I was in a 1 way relationship. There are many, many things that can make someone feel this way.
    3. I didn't really, I just got interested in other things too or the girl perceived that I had lost feelings even though I had not.

    All 3 of these, and other cases, have different solutions clearly. However, I can give you two universal pieces of advice. COMMUNICATE! Communication is the number one way of solving problems hands down and it isn't close. For example, you can easily find out and correct #2&3 if you just ask your BF and learn that this is the issue. Young girls struggle with this especially. People don't know what you want or what is bothering you unless you tell them, so just tell them. The other piece of advice... There are really only two types of relationships, shallow ones where you really just want to bang or get comfort and long term relationships. If your relationship is struggling at all in the first few years, realistically it's doomed and you should let it go. If he's falling out of love with you right now, just imagine after you're married for 20 years and there is no spark in your relationship at all, it's going to be way, way worse. Stop trying to hold on to bad relationships and force them to work. The whole point of dating is to find the relationship that works for you effortlessly.

    Like I said, if you want to talk more, hmu.

  • It will hurt like a lot. Slowly going to crash your heart into tiny pieces. You will cry every night. You will miss him. You will miss his texts, his voice, his attention, you will miss all of him. Part of you would like to let go, part of you would like to stay. However it is, the result will depend on how you guys would work it out. I agree with @JustAnotherDude about communication because it is indeed a very powerful tool to mould a relationship to its best. Hence, the will to fix it should not be one- sided. Believe me, you wouldn't want yourself to go after him begging to talk to you or connect with you everyday. It hurts like hell but try to love yourself more, and bring him back to the days when he first laid eyes on you and got captivated. Maybe he just have forgotten and will remember how lovely and wonderful you are.

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    @Genny-the-B hey ik it's gonna hurt, like u torned urself apart, but the worst thing you can do is hold on to that person. So let go. And yes ik it will be very difficult, but letting go will eventually make u feel free from him, refreshed in a way, and give u a break to reflect on what type of bf u want to for the nearer future. It also kind of makes u feel good to just be the first to let go tbh, so ur not left even more heartbroken than u already are. Anyways look at all the ppl's advice and I'm sure you'll be encouraged to do the right and safe thing. Good luck.

  • You need to back off. There's nothing to hold on to once it loose, especially feelings. Do nothing about it. Feelings won't come easy but goes faster than you can think of.

  • @Mehhh lol Genny 😂 really?🤔

    This are 7 steps for ya:
    Clears throat🥴(even though I'm not talking 😂)

    1. Focus on yourself worth🤑: this a time you need to help find yourself.

    2. Remind him the reason why he was attracted 😉 to you in the first place: this can bring back the attraction.

    3. Tell him how you feel🤧: he needs to know how you feel,cause he might not know how he's making you feel.

    4. Communicate with him and try to avoid any confrontational action 🥺: yes you'll get hurt, but avoid yelling, crying or doing anything stupid 🙁 and just talk to him calmly.

    5. Remind him to you're his safe place for peace and comfort 🙏: he always comes to meet you anytime he is being troubled, worried, angry.

    6. Try to understand why he did it🧠: you might actually not be the reason, but maybe something is going on in his life and he just needs his space.

    7. Make an effort to understand his needs🤲🏽: keep your own needs in mind.

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