• Dear, whoever is gonna scrutinize this, hope you stay safe and don't let this virus stop you from completing your Dreams.
    We slept in one world, woke up in another
    Suddenly, we realised that Disney has no more magic
    Paris is no longer romantic

    Hugs and kisses became weapons,
    Holding hands and walking in the parks became outlawed..

    All of a sudden, not visiting parents and grandparents became 'An act of Love'
    We perceived that money is not that powerful and power is not that valuable.

    Bits and pieces which have surrounded us are so provisional that every market, gym, studio, hotel all have gone for a toss as we are finally learning to live without them.
    It has instilled in us that it's our own house and families that keep us safe and secure.
    We finally demonstrated the fact that 'it's not how we spend our time but who we spend it with.'

    Nevertheless, people are facing boredom cause of LOCKDOWN but they are realising the significance of their very existence, they are trying to manifest in their interests.
    Apparently, due to Covid-19, mortality rate is still recorded not so much as it used to be in the back normal days, ironically.
    Indeed, there have been bonus for us like less traffics, cleaner air.
    Nature used to help us out for the sake of none but now it started loving us.

    It doesn't matter where we live, what we speak or who we pray to, we're not so different after all.
    What all great people couldn't manage to teach and enlighten mankind, the pandemic corona did so easily, it reminded us of how humanity is bigger than sum of its parts.

    Faith and positivity, If you look at this, from the broad perspective, this hard time will pass-it has to end
    And that day we all will look back at what we've gone through, learned and survived.
    I do insight that it can be extremely difficult for all of us to be optimistic right now
    But we do have a choice, right?
    Either we can spread the fear or be the light that everyone wants to see

    There's so much good than evil,
    Much more love than hate,
    A tiny candle flickering in the night that will eventually grow to light our way, because that road to tomorrow is indeed paved with the HOPE

    So, have optimism and human spirit and we'll together fight back against this tragedy and this pandemic.

    Thank you and Stay safe Folks!

  • Global Veteran

    "All over the world people are slowing down and reflecting. All over the world people are looking at their neighbours in a new way. All over the world people are waking up to a new reality – To how big we really are. To how little control we really have. To what really matters. To Love,"

    Liked this one too ;)