• how are you guyssssss? i’m like very bored, i stayed up last night and watched a little euphoria (it’s sooo good i highly recommend) if anyone wants to talk then i’d gladly hit you up but no horny shit (kinda over it). OH and i really want to buy a plant, so any recommendations? my grandma said i should get an “air plant”? but i kinda want to be able to like water one, that would be fun. i might come on here everyday and talk about my day or whatever, i have nothing else to do lol. my sleep schedule is like SO FUCKED UP. i also watched this video today about anti-aging and i’m like, “oh shit i really need to sleep before i get mad wrinkles!” lol. i’ve also been trying to do yoga and meditate but i’m not going to really get into it until i get a yoga mat lol because my rug is ROUGH AF. this is all i’m going to say for today hehe but hmu if you want to talk or anything, we can talk about your day 🙂

  • @baldshinobi aloe vera is a good plant to have about, they don't need too much looking after, a little watering and thinning out now and then. But if you have a burn or sunburn you snap one of the leaves and rub on the affected area and it works miracles in both soothing the pain and healing the skin with no marks left. I'm also a sucka for a yukka lol, they just look dope 😊

  • I recommend bonsai trees 🥺, I have a juniper and satsuki azalea : )

  • A cactussssss they are so cute and u don’t have to water them much

  • I think you should find a good hobby, or just train at home if you can't sleep 😏😊 Training is good, but hobby is better. Sit down, relax, and just think about, what do you like to do in your life. Reading? Making music? Training? Anime? Crafting? Playing games?

    There are a lot of stuff THERE 😊😏

  • i’m also downloading a journal app; i think that would be good for me.

  • @Scottish oooo my mom had an aloe vera plant once. i’m not sure if she still has it though.

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