• Due to my twisted sense of pride
    Having no one in which to confide
    Taught to never show the tears I've cried
    Many times wishing I had died
    No one knows just how hard I've tried
    To not show what's truly inside
    So I hide
    I hide behind a mask and a smile
    Faking it all the while
    Never showing the true trial
    Constantly in a state of denial
    Feelings of worthlessness, nothing worthwhile
    When did things become so hostile
    So I hide
    I hide behind a guise and grin
    Rarely acting on a whim
    Afraid of what could've been
    Letting too much get under my skin
    Patience continuously worn thin
    Keeping everything within
    So I hide

  • @somebody1233
    you just wrote the emotions 👌
    Thank you for posting here

    "Work in the silence,
    Only my presence,
    Fool proof perseverance,
    Next time the fear will hide."

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