• The clock ticks. Slow seconds pass, and become minutes. Time crawls. What better way to shake that trance, than with some....Trance? Time for beats and bops that just don't stop. Time to move. Be well, keep grooving, dance on. :om:

  • @Lazz Lazz i fucking love you man, you're irrepressible, its good to know I'm not the only obstinately upbeat person in lockdown lol, you make a useful barometer of my sanity 😁 p.s. disclaimer, it's coming up for 7am, I've been drinking for 14 hours and haven't slept yet but I still think you're great amd you're the only person I've met other than myself that can handfeed squirrels. Fruit n nut chocolate bars are my secret weapon

  • @Lazz back at ya and do me a favour, despite Sarah's best efforts i can't upload songs to here, would you do the honours for me? Que baina a usted by Ibrahim Ferrer, the guy from buena vista social club, that song would get a corpse shaking it's ass and smiling

  • @Scottish Happy 7am! Club Your Place is open 24/7. Ride the vibes, friend, keep feeding your squirrels & thanks for the kind words, they are most welcome. Stay safe, stay sane, vibe on man :pray:

  • @Scottish Consider it done, I'll make a new Post for ya

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