Would you rather marry the hottest person alive or marry the smartest person alive?

  • Well! I recently realised that I need to marry after a certain point. I'll need someone to share my thoughts and emotions with. But I am neither a smart person nor at all hot. So, if I choose a smart or a hot person, we're likely to end up in separation unless my companion is tolerant enough in handling my dumbness. I need someone who will understand me and whom I too will be able to understand and love from the deepest core of my heart. Marriage, according to me, is the coalescence of not just two human souls but the one in which our families also merge. Further, it's a conglomeration of two hearts that do not perceive emotions differently. Marriage is also not a broken piece of paper that contains oaths and promises. Marriage is one of the world's most sacred ceremony that provides a social sanction to the two souls! So, rather than choosing someone who is hot or smart, I will prefer someone who will also be my best friend....

  • every smart people will choose smart one

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