• in the 80s i lived ay the library in the summer. not that the Virus has us all caged, i felt like reading again. i love space and astronomy! even as a kid i was gifted at it and knew the planets and moons etc even in kindergarden. my love for the night sky has never left me :) any, i had 2 books i read when i was younger i want to relive again. i do not know titles and have googled the crap out of it for images. nothing. best descriptions i can give you

    80s book on space and stars mainly . it is a small book and i think it has a real photo of a star or galaxy on the cover. it talks about red dwarfs and white dwarfs and things of that nature. it is very colorful with pictures

    last book is a childrens book that talked about what it would be like on other planets. like it had pictures of drawings of mercury and the lava and what would happen if you tried living on mercury


  • @mikeJB Your interests in your childhood


  • Its beautiful

  • @Greymatter what is?

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