• Ok so i like this guy in my school and he also like me back but before i even like him my friend likes him and this boy also like my friend so now he likes 2 girls me and my friend this boy and i we always talk he is soo sweet and seem sincere tho now we barely talk and im having problems because he likes my friend and i but he likes my friend 1st they like each other first until i started having feelings with him and he started having feelings with me but now i feel like he doesnt like me but he told me he does it seems like he doesnt care anymore there’s time where he gives me attention then after not and my friend doesnt even know that the he also like me she doesnt know that the boy he like likes two girls but she knows that i like the same person as her but when i told her i also like this boy she started drifting away from me and i felt bad cuz i feel like im back stabbing her and this boy also dont want my friend to know that he likes 2 girls and now i feel like he used me and is it possible for a guy to like 2 girls? Or if a guy like 2 girls does that mean there’s number 1 and number 2 or does a guy just randomly like 2 person and he likes them by the same amount? Cuz if a guy likes 2 girls and there’s number and number 2 doesnt that just mean the 1st one is actually the one he likes and the 2nd one’s like a rebond?

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    If he knows you both like him, choosing one of you would be spoiling the attention he gets from both of you. He would also probably worry he would not only lose the other girl, but break their friendship as well. Faced with that risk, he might decide things are better as they are.

  • @bushmurry maybe im wrong!! But... a guy liking 2 girls at the same time? He cant be sincere with one girl even if he breaks the relation with other!! Now if this girl is a playful kind like he wants(probably) ... she would be betraying the friend of hers!! N thts not cool!!

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    @nidzzz @nidzzz of guys only liked one girl at a time they would be heart broken every time they're rejected. So they keep it pretty casual until they find someone who returns their interest, and then give a relationship and feelings the chance to develop.

    In this case, kc05 says she likes him, but not enough to risk her friendship. He doesn't like either girl enough to risk the results either. If he really really wanted one of you, he'd do something. If you or your friend really wanted him, you'd stop waiting and ask for your friends blessing to ask him out . No-one has made a commitment, so what does that mean?

  • @bushmurry point!!👍 .. so kc05 thts the best advice u could get!! 😁

  • Btw a guy can be attracted to 2 different girls but it's not the same as liking them. You should look deeper in how he acts and look for signs that he may actually have feelings for you.

  • Go for it