• Who created you? Who granted you your body, your eyes, or the color of your hair? Who determined the shape of your body or the color of your eyes? Who created all other people, the heavens, Earth, and every living being in between? Who determined the order of the planets, the Sun, and the stars in the depths of space?

  • @tina is a long discussion...just to let you know.
    many similar questions may be raised and you may answer them in your own way. While doing so, you will rely on what you have learned from your family or relatives, the people surrounding you, or the books you have read. Well, have you ever wondered if their answers are correct?

  • Awesome post! Point to ponder. @how-to-make-a now answer these questions! Who created you?

  • @jesus-is-lord and by the way. Muslims also believe in jesus Christ. So what's your point.

  • to all the disbelievers and polytheists do want you do and we will do our thing once your dead in your grave. You will truly find out the truth.

  • Like i said weak will make excuses, i didnt said science is not real, it is real lie spoken its real its lie, but i said in science you wont found truth, truth lyies in truth not in half truth or lie, i tell you the truth is only one its Jesus Christ if you ever searched for Jesus you would found Jesus and you would know truth about this world, but you didnt, science is lie which is truth to those who are blind to truth, those who are blind walk in darkness, dont be one of them let light of truth shine in you let truth open your eyes and eaers accept Jesus Christ, and dont talk to me science, food, phones , networks, medication i never said those things were not real but i rather said they are full of lies.
    Science has proven noting, but those who are aginst it proven thath science is full of lies!
    You think pic of earth from speace what nasa take are real? Well your science prove trough this pictures they arent..those are real pictures from nasa website taken and compered.

    Nasa then said pics of earth are photoshop! So you still gonna belive your science who says earth is ball then says, we lied! Earth is not ball, fool go search for truth in Jesus he is only truth, weak will make excuses. God bless you in Jesus name amen

  • @how-to-make-a then who created you if Allah does not exist?

  • Those pictures are official pictuers taken by satelite thath what NASA SAID AT FRIST, so you are saying pictrues of satelite what are taken from " space " are fake? I agree, when nasa got exsposed they said they are liars and they dont know how earth look like and thath they never went to speace. Weak will make excuses , get in line with truth accept Jesus Christ

  • @john-g true

  • This post is deleted!

  • @tina i believe that my parents created me. My question to you is. Do you think something can come out of nothing?

  • @jesus-is-lord Dude. The bible is just as fucked up as the quran. I don't believe in Christianity just as much as i don't believe in islam. Most of the fucked up things in islam are also still in Christianity. I'm an athiest

  • @jesus-is-lord Allah* quran*

  • @jesus-is-lord no Christian has ever seen a true miracle. Just like no muslim has ever seen a true miracle. You saying that Christians perform miracles and heal illnesses is not backed up by any scientific evidence

  • @jesus-is-lord and if it was true then it would be proven at least once

  • @jesus-is-lord And don't you dare tell me that science has proven any miracle true because if you do that you sound like an idiot and you make me think that you think I'm an idiot

  • @jesus-is-lord Scientists believe in science. So if there was a SCIENTIFICLY PROVEN mircle it would shock every scientist and every scientist would become religious. But as the numbers show, most scientists are either atheists or agnostics

  • Fool dont you know who controls science? Its controled by new world order by those who are trying to control world illuminati- ( worshipers of satan ). You are telling science would know if mearcles are real in REIGION? I tell to you child of Devil salvation and power is in God trough Jesus Christ who is not religion, and science has no explenation to mearcles what are done by God, they only words are its Jesus Christ its God, and you who never searched for truth say " Jesus is not real "????
    FOOL JESUS CHRIST SAID " I AM THE ONLY WAY TRUTH AND LIFE ". So go and search Jesus Christ not science , truth is in Jesus Christ not in science.Those who never searched for truth they never knowed truth, they dont know truth, you live in lies you think you have truth but you have empty shell of lies. And defferince between christans and muslims is thath, muslims are not christan! Other words they dont belive Jesus Christ is savior of the world and son of God! You cant defend yourself now , weak will only make excuses, strong will accept truth which is Jesus Christ

  • @osamabindead ok then. You're telling me that zeus is going to burn me in hell forever. Booooo I'm very scared

  • @jesus-is-lord ok hold on there. You don't believe in science.
    You do realise that science is true if you believe in it or not, if what's actually true is a matter of opinion then we wouldn't need scientific advancement.
    So. Do you want to debunk anything i said or are you just gonna call me a satan lover (P.S. i don't believe that satan exists too. God created satan, i don't believe that god exists, that means that i don't believe in satan)?

    You're saying that you don't believe in science on a network built by engineers and living in a building built by architects and eating food made by bio-chemical engineers and taking medicine made by doctors. Congratulations for being an idiot

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