• Heya guys!

    I have returned after a mild break from here. And I have lots to talk about

    Firstly, I made a post on here 17 days ago about making a game review , drawing characters and few other things. I just wanted to clarify that I will be going through with those posts in the near future.

    I have just been playing a lot of games recently so I lost track.

    Secondly, I will posting some daily music suggestions and a anime review so please stay in tune for that. However, what I really want to highlight is the importance of getting along with people online and making everyone feel safe and creating a safe haven for everyone online during this troubling time, with the covid19 epidemic.

    You can do that a few ways:

    • Treating everyone fairly

    • Ignoring hate

    • Treat people the way you want to be treated

    • Making everyone feel welcomed and much more!

    By doing all of these you make the overall online experience feel more pleasant for everyone and less worrying.

    Lastly, the last thing I want to touch on a little bit is productivity.
    Now as you know a lot of countries in the world are in quarantine. This means people HAVE to say at home. If you are one of these unfortunate people, no fear. As there is always something to do.

    You could become more productive!

    You could do this various ways by:

    • Unlocking your creative side by drawing

    • Doing a game review on your favourite game

    • Doing exercise (coughs) and much more!

    You just need perseverance!

    Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read my post and stay tuned for more posts!

    Stay safe and have a good day

    See you soon bye!! :)

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