• stop being like facebook and LISTEN !

    why the FUCK do you have BANNED PEOPLE still in this room??????? how are they geting in here to spam? are they even really banned? and lastly, how the fuck can i not BLOCK someone who is banned? your damn code will not let me! WHY IS THIS??????????? anyone know any jscript i can write up to block regex like "horny"? i want to see this damn horny, sex, whatever be able to be FILTERED THE FUCK OFF MY SCREEN! wanna know why people have left? good people? because you mods DO NOT CARE AND YOUR CODE IS AWFUL! thank you/rant over

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    You'd rather to blame developers not mods. Mods are the same users from community, and it's not their responsibility to extend this site with new features.

    But I'm afraid there is no regular dev team on this site... Otherwise I can not explain why it's all going in such way..

    @TalkWithStranger, maybe you can comment this situation somehow?

  • Chocolate Lovers ;)

    @mikeJB I agree man, it’s awful smh

  • anyone gonna address this even??????????????????????????????????????????????

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