• take this advice and you will make this place better for all and alot more welcoming to newbies

    first , get rid of tags. they are useless, annoying , and pointless

    allow for filtering of regular expression to block words/phrases. that way i could filter "horny" and never have to see it or relations to it

    make a CAPTCHA so we can get rid of the endless supply of bots that march through here

    a BAN is a fucking BAN so enforce it! why the F do i see people respond to me that have been BANNED? why are they here!????

    allow a SEARCH option so one could type a word and look up a specific conversation/thread from say, 2 months ago

    please get rid of that whole "this subject must be more than 8 charachters"?????

    clean up the interface because those idiots that have FREEDOM WRITERS etc tags in color when they have like 10 of them it messes shit up on my end and i get white lines all over

    and lastly, MODS NEED TO ACTUALLY WORK! i have seen threats, child porn trading, and so on and not a damn mod in site

    take these ideas as you will. just my observation. i doubt you care anyway

  • @mikeJB Got yr back on this one tbh @Global-Moderators

  • lastly, speaking of code here. does anyone else see this in postings? when someone posts, do you also see, like me, a blue ribbon like object like it was cut off? then it disappears? wtf is that???????????? you cant even click on it

    and with regards to code overall, the day they fucking kill javascript will be the happiest day of my life! it makes the internet and web pages move with the speed of a snail, and yet, when you turn it off, everything breaks. FUCK SCRIPTING!!!!!!!