• thank you for causing me to lose all hope in the internet and for allowing me to more than likely leave it. do you need clicks that bad? do you have to bombard every user with splash screens and "notification enabled" message box popus or whatever? do you feel the need to constantly make EVERYYTHING a video window scattered throughout the page? are you that much a fan of TMZ that you wanna be them?are you that paethetic a coder you cant even give me the OPTION to bow out of some sales pitch instead of ram it down my throat or else? the web is GARBAGE. the internet is CONGESTED . and the fun and reason for it is now gone. it is now owned and ran by narcissim and money whores and the 18 yr olds that must have their 5 min of fame on YT or they will die. ive had it and i will now go back to text based LINKS if i need info. FU

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