• Im starting to go threw the worse days and months of my life because everyday i wonder if i ever will be able to come home to a women who will cherish and compliment me for being there for her threw thick and thin no matter how tough it gets i rather work on things then to leave sure if she cheats twice im gone but everyone deserves a 2nd chance to fix things and to be better.

    I Was willing to put down the medical marijuana just to show i would do anything to make someone happy.

    I Would come home after a long day and know someone is coming home from work around 5 p.m

    I Would clean up the place but not fully because i love watching someone show there independent but know how to ask for someone to help.

    I Would dance with someone nightly, daily i would have random dance partys because i knew i was accepted.

    i knew i would be able to let someone fully in and stop holding back.

    But i tend to forget that life is not a fairy tale, that life can be alot tougher.

    I Have never had this much issues with my life and maybe i feel childish for admitting it.

    Ever since the women who purposed to me has left i have been so lonely because i was expecting to spend the rest of my life with someone now that its been a while im ready to find someone new but the thing is.

    How do i know shes even out there.

    I Can type for days but i feel this is not going to even be read.

    Can this site find someone love ?

  • @David-Kerr your post was read not quite sure how to answer this.
    Love will find you be it on this site a different site right next door or miles away it will find you when and where you least expect it.
    It seems to me from reading your posts that's you have expectations. My advice to you is to expect nothing and accept what is offered and don't be judgemental about it. It might not be what you're expecting but after all it is what they are willing to give. Be patient you cannot force or rush love. Love has no rules love has no boundaries. True love I cannot say is unconditional however true love loves you for you and not who they want you to be. That being said you also need to love someone for who they are and not for what they do or don't do for you.
    It is possible is you're trying too hard just be yourself. Allow yourself to have an open mind and heart and carefully consider all the endless possibilities that are available to you.
    Also if there is someone that you care about let her know or let her friends know. Surely there are people that care about you and want to see you happy.

  • @wet-teri

    you make alot of sense but the thing is i did not expect anything for years and found someone who broke my heart.

    tbh im scared to be my self as the past 10 people left me when i started to show them everything.

    Im just worried.

  • I'm sure that you will figure out what you can show them and what makes them run away.
    I wish you the best of luck.