anyone else ready to leave the damn internet?

  • im damn close. i just cant do it anymorw with these Fwebsites and just the way people have them layed out anymore. where to begin. so most of them are cluttered with endless crap. you go to a shopping page and you get hit with stupid splash screens asking you to sign up for even more shit. you cant just get information anymore, you have to crate accounts and let them have all your info just to look at a damn catalogue! ill keep going. half the internet are DEAD LINKS! why the F is this??????? does anyone not check on this shit? free porn is the biggest waste of time ever. a giant game to end up watching 3 min of crap. popups and 5 redirects to watch that 3 min clip. then you have sites that wont let you use an ad blocker and whine, and the minute you turn it on you have to scramble not to have 50 windows open on you in an IFRAME! then you have sites that you to anc you click on an article and you have this "continue for rest of article"! r u serious!? you cant just Fkn give me my story on one page. its all a damn game on the internet and i no longer care to be a part of it. i am almost wishing we could go back to the days of using LINKS. and i know its not gonna get any better, only worse. the land of GREED wont allow for simplicity in anything! its gonna get even more harder and annoying to navigate pages for basic info. i might just be ready to chuck it all. i doubt anyone cares but at least i feel better