• WHY THE FUCK IS EVERY DAMN VIDEO ON YOUTUBE NARRATED OR HAVE TO BE????????????????????? can i fucking just once go to a documentary about somethign and LISTEN TO THE ACTUAL FILM/DOC??????? instead of listen to the millions of morons who feel it is their fucking calling to grab 5 minutes of yt fame!? anyone with me? has the internet made you ready to leave it yet ? i damn close to saying ive had enough. i mean FUCK IT ALREADY!

  • no. i wanna go to a news clip or a documentary or whatever, and actually LISTEN TO THE SUBJECT I AM WANTING TO SEE, not a damn whiny 22 yr old millenial who MUST narrate the subject at hand. kinda like google assistant. why cant i just look up something and not have to have my fucking hand held ! i am smart enough to see the damn words in front of me! EVERYTHING on youboob is fucking narrrated! why?????????? go look up an entertainment news bit. you will be greeted by some nasal "woke" person getting their 10 minutes of fame. its all over the damn place on there. is this a new thing????? i hate the internet. most cluttered, annoying, saturated medium known to man

  • Yes It's kinda sad and annoying. I wonder from where they get the clips before then add the narrative.

  • Hahahaha So you just wanna see people doing their thing. I would be interested to watch daily life of some people I admire. But won't it be stalker like. It'd be cool though!

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