• It's 12:17am here in my country and I'm suppose to be sleeping but my spirit was propelled to write this here, so I had to.

    I may have spoken on or about being positive instead being negative here once or twice but a whole lot of people don't seem to understand the the extent to which they endanger themselves by being or talking negative.

    Let me give some examples to help burst your understanding of what I am talking about,...
    If as a guy a girl walks up to you and says " hey man you look good, I like your boobs"... What would be your response?
    First you'll be shocked cos you have no boobs and you're not a girl so you'll rebuke her right?
    Good! That is the same thing with negativity.
    Negativity is telling one what they're not or making one believe in something they're not,..got it?
    If a negative thought comes to you or someone tells you something that sounds "not like you" to you, the best thing to do is rebuke the thought by speaking positively or reject such thought and or stop listening to the person, that way you're guarding your thoughts from "dirt" so to say, it is important that we keep our minds fresh, clean and renewed always, ready to receive positive information that will help build us and take us forward in life, negative words or talks will only take you backwards and bring you more harm than good.
    When faced with challenges, troubles or situations, instead of speaking about it to other people who might at the end not help you, have you tried speaking to it? Speak to the challenge not about it. How do you speak to it? Confess positively towards such situation, for example,..
    When I have an headache most times, instead of complaining about it I just say " I'm healthy, I'm strong, I refuse to be sick!" and then I just carry on with whatever I was doing, sooner or letter I forget I ever had that headache.
    Words are very powerful, and sickness are spiritual, learn to use them either to your advantage or your disadvantage, either to build you or harm you...the choice is yours to make.
    It's takes consistency and focus to cause change, so don't say it once and just because it didn't work you give up, no! Keep saying it until you see a change,...that's how much it took for negativity to effect changes in your life as well.

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