• Have you noticed that every time you believe or become scared of something that's when it actually happens of controls your life?
    What is it that scares you about life, other people, yourself or your family??
    Come share your thoughts, " a problem shared is a problem half solved"...

  • @xoyee I'm scared of losing people. I have seen absolutely sane human beings changing over time completely. A person who used to depend on you so much may completely start ignoring you for no reason at all even when you are still understanding their problems. I know it's best to stop expecting anything from anyone but, in real life, we human beings always depend on someone we really care about. You are right that when we fear about something, it eventually happens. I think in my life time I have never suffered as much as I suffered losing my beloved. However, I know she has not left me for her own selfish reasons but in fact for the well-being of her parents. But the worst thing is that most of my friends keep telling me that she cheated on me which, they do not realise, isn't true. Eventually I have lost these friends also. I find them so cheap in terms of their thoughts these days. I'm scared of this changing world where human beings have stopped understanding relationships. I think the growing ignorance in them about the virtues of life is the most deadly disease that's ruining mental health. This fear of losing your near and dear ones is something that is putting you into depression which you are unable to cope up with...

  • I’m scared of getting another spam message from a can girl or private Snapchat chick to join...lol

    But legit I’m terrified of frogs, like run scream whatever. Yes as tough as it is for a 6’2” Italian man to admit..lol

  • @xoyee FUKIN.. SNAKES 🤣

  • the scariest thing ever. picture this and really think on it

    you are at home with your mom. she says she is going to the store and she wil be back later and you SEE her leave. you are watching tv and a half hr later as you have been in the living room near the door the whole time, you HEAR YOUR MOTHERS VOICE ASKING YOU TO COME DOWNSTAIRS

    scared yet?

  • @xoyee before Im scared of losing someone I really care, then fear of amphibians and reptiles but overcome it, at present fear of covid19..hehe

  • @Bela-Hella lol I'm scared of covid-19 too, but the more I get sacred of it the more I restrain myself from going about my daily activities and stuff which doesn't actually make sense because its not even in the state I am yet lolz
    So I just thought to stop being scared for a moment, stop thinking of it and just live a normal daily life without fear.

  • @mikeJB wow! That's really scary,....what did you do?

  • @JAMESSBOND I used to be scared of snakes too once in my life, whenever I saw a snake in a movie, I was sure to dream about it that night and it scared hell out of me but, one day I went with my dad to one of our houses that was under construction at the time, I was about 13/14yrs then, while he was with some workers a had to go pee, while I was there peeing I saw a long snake crawling away, close to the wall going inside the house, with the fear of seeing it and the fact that I was really tired of being scared I ran out and grabbed a stone, angrily threw it the snake and that was the end.
    Since that day till today I can say they're scared of me and not me being scared of them anymore. That act alone took the fear away from me, it gave me a sense of boldness,I realised that snakes are only reptiles and am human, I can't be scared of them.

  • @TRain lolzzz

  • @anonymous92 you're right, the fear of losing our dear ones can lead us to depression and the truth is I've also been there.
    Let me tell you a short story and how I managed to get out of it...
    I was born an extrovert but lived like an introvert for years because of circumstances and fear of the unknown, I'm also an extremist so when I care about someone I could go the extra length to do anything for them.
    My life as an introvert sucked big time I can tell you that, I didn't have much friends because I was scared of being ridiculed, talked down, laughed at etc. I was a smart kid but no one would know becos I didn't look like one or even spoke like one, I excluded myself from the world and built a shell around myself, I thought I was doing the right thing, I thought I safe guarding myself but I clearly was punishing myself for my foolishness.
    After years of being in the bondage I created for myself I happen to meet someone one day who became a good friend. We became really close because we understood each other so well that even our families didn't understand us that well. I knew her shortly before she got married but I was there for her, I stayed with her when her husband got transferred and she was alone, I was there when she gave birth to her very cute son, I helped her so much like she was my blood sister, took her son like he was mine and we were just always happy until one day they had to relocate and so did I, and that was the beginning of our separation.
    We always had issues but solved them when we were together but when we separated the issues became worse as though we never knew each other. A lot of misunderstandings and problems,...it became too much....to cut the long story short,..today we nearly even speak to ourselves,....we grew out of our friendship and now we don't even know who we are.
    The truth is, people will come in and out of your life but it beholds of you to maintain and control what they do with your life and how you let them control your emotions.
    She helped me become who I really am (an extrovert) and that I'm forever grateful for, and I really wish I brings us back together again but I have tried all I possibly can but nothing worked.
    Something's are better left alone, if its meant to happen again nature will find a way to make it happen.
    Try not become too emotional when it comes to people, try not to become too attached, too expectant, those things hurt a lot and can lead one to intense depression.

  • @xoyee thank you so much for the way you explained it all. The truth is that I too have become stronger after losing her than what I was before. But I still miss her a lot. I should say that this is the very reason why I joined TWS, to meet strangers. I am fed up of people who know me because sometimes they start behaving so weirdly that I wonder if I am talking to people I know — people whom I know for years become strangers. I thought it is better if I talk to people I do not know in reality. At least I won't expect too much from the people I am meeting here. And I am fortunate to meet people like you including the person who introduced me to you. It's almost about a month that I last talked to my beloved. But from yesterday I was really missing her a lot. She's all over my emotions and I was feeling so helpless. Your words will perhaps give me some strength. Thank you for the work you are doing here.

  • i am scared that i will keep getting my heart broken and not being loved and just being abandoned

  • @anonymous92 It's my pleasure to be here, thank you too for taking out time to read and at least understand what I say, I'm really glad I could be of help to you and every other person in here or out there lol.
    Knowledge and positive information is not to be hoarded or kept a secret...so I believe", my purpose here and anywhere I find myself on earth is to share what I know or have learnt and help as many people as I can.
    It's OK if you think you about your girl once or twice, but such thoughts shouldn't bring you down they should take you a step closer to your dreams and goals.

  • @hbentley9090 hey there, if you keep being scared of the fact your heart might get broken then it just might actually get broken.
    Ok here's an illustration I want you to understand.
    Let's say you buy a bird right, she's so beautiful and smart you just want to keep her by your side all day long. Now that's not a problem for you but it's a big problem for the bird,..why? Because the day that bird mistakenly let's lose she will fly away and never come back. The reason is, while she was with you, she felt safe but not free and every bird wants to be free, so if you're so sacred of being broken hearted then you need to start with at least one relationship ok. Keep in mind that " it might not end up the way you want it but try it anyways, free up your mind, change your mindset towards" being heart broken",...no one has ever achieved success without failing first so start building up your heart, yourself for success by failing once or twice now.
    Tell yourself you might fail, but also tell yourself you will get up stronger, that mindset pushes you closer to your point of success everyday.
    There's nothing to be scared of about FEAR, when you give too much thoughts to the word "FEAR" it takes the better part of your life.

  • My imagination

  • @Huh you're scared of your imaginations?

  • @xoyee yea, made up scenarios of shit that will probably never happen

  • @Huh then stop thinking too much, stop allowing your mind roam unto dreadful thoughts.
    The truth is, when you keep having such imaginations continuously, they begin to happen for real, your imaginations begin to express itself in the real life to you or the people you know or love.
    Such thing can and might make you feel powerful and special but it's just the devil using your mind and your imaginations against you, I read a book once tittle " the power of your mind" you should find it and read it.
    Our mind is a very powerful tool that can make us or destroy us depending on how we use it, the devil knows how powerful our minds are so he's always at alert waiting for whose imaginations he can use as a tool to carry out he's evil works, he works with our words, minds, thoughts and our imaginations and that's why we must keep them positive always.
    Whenever you notice such imaginations coming again pinch yourself and snap out of it, divert your thoughts to something positive instead, stay on it for a while, it could be a happy moment with your friends or family, just stay on it until you're sure that imagination is gone.
    If that doesn't work so well for you cultivate a positive habit like reading a book (a good one), singing, praying, playing an instrument...just something that will distract such imagination. If you continue like that, sooner or later you won't be having such imaginations again because you'll become too busy doing something positive with your life rather than being idle and having wrong or bad imaginations.

  • @anonymous92 Yeah.. I'm scared of losing someone too yk.. N just to take this one step up.. I don't like losing some strangers I just met.. Lol. Like on Tws or other sites 😅😅. Kinda my fatal flaw :i like permanent things.. Like I want the day to never chg yk.. But it always does n we gotta move on. That's life, maybe.. N that's what I fear.