• i tend to avoid your kind. you are boring, predictable, and usually on meth. words i will look at and keep on walking: HORNY/HOT/SEXY/WET/etc


    be we know that doesnt exist here so guess ill just have to keep saying no the sluts. oh well. i pretty much have left this hole anyway. i jut peak in here from time to time mainly for a laff

  • So many of them are so so young. Maybe the validation of multiple people desiring them, maybe the attention is what they are after? I haven’t figured it out and honestly don’t want to waste my time. It’s honestly quite sad to think about. I don’t think you will find your partner in a place like this. Maybe a decent person to talk to here and there but this isn’t a place to look for intimate relationships. Genuine people are very hard to come by.

  • Bravo!! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • @RoseQueen i found a girl on here from iran who has become my best friend. i cherish her kindness. but i have always thought like this. i am a guy and i have my full share of porn in front of me. but you know. i then turn the channel and come across a cute actress in a Hallmark movie, with a sweet smile...and i always end up saying "i want that instead"

  • @RoseQueen glad you agree. when will they realize MODESTY can still be SEXY! i dont want a ho who fucks me then the next guy after, i want a PARTNER. in life, in sadness, in love, in hope. we share and live and die together. my best friend first, lover second.

  • Banned

    Hello baby

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) Music Lovers Gamers

    Which is why this place should have filters. To keep those kinds of things off.

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