• why? no one seems to give a fuck, which is fine. all i see are the same fucking regurgiated themes over and over so im done. almost all my topics cause you to THINK, something apparently difficult for people here. no this is not ego or bragging, it is just someone trying to spark some fucking emotion and thought into this dead zone of ideas. so just keep posting the same "post your fav sad songs, help me with my break ups, your fav memes" etc etc. my shit is prob too damn over your heads anyway. so keep this place like the jr high chat room it always will be. the word i would use here is STAGNANT. meaning it is going nowhere. good day

  • @mikeJB trick is to not get to engaged too much into any social media. It'll make you want to snap necks

  • tws gay club but no homo

    @mikeJB Okay ❤
    alt text

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