• Can you write down how many ways a negative confession, statement and thought has helped you compared to the how much a positive one has? Sometimes I just spend time going through the topics written by different people on here, and I wonder if these are really young people who are suppose to have positive minds and thoughts or just some really old set of people who have nothing left to do in life?

    The truth is, the main and true reason why our world is and might remain the way it is, is because of our mind set, our minds have been clouded with so much negativity and dirtiness that even the smallest positive thought that comes around us is immediately turned into negativity. Except we change our mind set, evil will continue to prevail, hurricane will continue to happen, tornado, floods, famine, hunger, strife, wickedness, killings, terrorism, viruses of unknown and knows sources diseases, sickness, misunderstanding between nations and countries will continue to take place.

    Even the bible stated: " The evil that men do live after them", truth is, this evil lives with us, in us now....but we are the only ones to stop it ourselves, only if we can change our mind set and do things right.