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    I think so, in one side some poor people turns out to be criminals, thieves, because of POVERTY. what u think?

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    Yeah bruh definitely poverty causes crime but not only poverty causes crime ther r many things which causes crime like culture society high expectations criminalary background parents education to ther childs many causes..!

  • @lucifer_ lmao, so crime cause poverty or poverty cause crime??

  • amongst us there are people who work and work all their life and yet hardly get enough to buy one square meal per day
    while some of us do nothing and get thousands per minute.
    so the question is can we really say its a crime if the less fortunate steal some money to buy more food or medicine
    are we focussing more on petty thieves while the real criminals are looting us right under our noses ,the coats and suits.
    the question is what is really a crime?stealing for bread or stealing just to accumulate wealth out of greediness destroying others in the process.

  • i could try to go all "sociology enthusiast" in here, but, my english would probably leave me half way into a explanation, but, trying to sumarize it the best way i can, poverty can cause crimes, yeah, but more often when there is also injustice and inequality. wherever everybody is suffering from it at the same time, people tend to help each other. of course, nothing is black and white, but, as i see it, i think what i wrote kinda make sense.

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    @sammy absolutely righ but one ☝🏻 thing u said they believe in miracles I'll complete this sentence believe in miracles of god ..who strongly believes in god don't go on a bad way..!

  • @ragnar-lothbrok On a serious note YES and NO:
    YES: Poverty can turn the poor into criminals but there are the ones who say that You always have a choice.
    NO: Not necessarily there are criminally insane and those, who belong to well off families but do petty crimes for the thrill.
    Then there are the Kleptomaniacs poor souls, steal things without any control over themselves.

  • It completely depends on d individual man!!!
    U knw there r ppl who r poor but will not leave their honesty.. in any case..
    Poor ppl get frustrated cz of their unfair circumstances!! ..
    Some choose to believe in miracles.. they dnt go for wrong path..
    So.. its not that poverty solely is responsible for crimes

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    Not all poor people end up being criminals and not all rich peeps end up in the noble class. The hardships you face when you're poor might trigger hatred against the society and force a person to choose the path of crime or the desperate need to earn money might lead a person to that road . Yet, poverty can't solely be considered responsible for humans commiting crimes

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