When you felt fuccin insane rn because you dont know what you have done in 16 hours back....

  • Last night, you may never imagine that your boss suddenly invited you to dinner, talking all things about this company and his story. The time when you thought that he is older than you, he had a lot of experience more than you moreover he is a dad from 3 daughters, you may wonder “what if I married her (your ex) in such young age, 24 years old?”.

    The time when he told you that he appreciated the way people work but it seems like the business would be always business. His friends were not friends of him again just because of “money and business”, till once he said, “would there be any possibility we have a friend to make a business with, how come I ever trust my friends again, they all stole my money and business?”. Those 3 bottles of Jack D, 2 box of cigarettes and some snacks that he ordered may be a “silence-listener” for all of his shattered broken heart.

    Once, he said something like “how about you, it seems like you fully accept your life and try to control it?”. I told him, “I always try to surrender and let this universe running its business properly, but still I make my own decision of that life”. “please tell me more, about your young life, we have been 15 years difference, though”.

    “Leader, the time you saw me had the same menu constantly since I joined this company, till your “nosy side” pushed you to rise such comments, I was smiling. I was from a wealthy family, my parents raised me very well about education but they are too much into branded stuff, till they have a lot of debt until I am on my age right now. The time when you asked me about my sister, the reasons I have to care for her so much, it is because I want her to buy her freedom. It is funny, when your parents control your own future life, by saying everything they said are the best things for their children. Do you know, how come I end up into IT stuff? By practising all days, without their support. I don’t want my sister had the same experience as me in the past. That’s why I take care of her well-being life in university and pay full of her tuition till she gets her graduation next August. The time when you told me that I will have a lot of savings, you are wrong. 60% of my salaries been allocated to support my family (for life, groceries and bills), 20% of that will go to my sister university stuff, 15% of that is for my savings and the rest is for myself. I did not have a credit card I just have debit cards. I don’t want to “force” myself to buy something I can’t have. You might surprise right now how come I have 5% from my salaries to fulfil my own life cost. I rent a very cheap house, I use public transportation to go everywhere and I only spent $2 on food in 22 days of work. It is the way you can buy all the things you need. When people told me, I am quite rich right now, it is not. I am just trying my best to be grateful and wise enough to control my own life”. He is silent for a while.

    “I don’t know that you really manage your life well even you are younger than me. Oh, that’s why you prefer to be single till now right?” He said. “Nope, I don’t feel completely single. She may not share the same feeling as I have and I don’t really try to pay attention. I just think that when you have your “own lady”, you should be settled, wise and fully commit with that person. Meanwhile, I know my capacity, I am not that wise. I told myself that you should not have an advance relationship right now, coz you know your limitations. Distance is not the main problem as you said, leader. It won’t be that hard if you don’t have the third person who tries to make a mess with that. Problems between two persons are not a big deal coz it just needs a push and pulls theory and a big heart to understand each other. But like I said, I surrender everything to this universe for my end game. If she meant to be with me, we will be together at the end. If she is not, I will feel grateful that she is the part of my journey and lessons that I have learned until now”.

    Right before middle night, he drove me to that rent house and I said to him “thank you, for sharing such great experience that I might never get from others. Thank you for trusting me as your friend, leader”. He smiles and told me “I will never regret my decision the time I hired and chose you; my gut feeling is true. I’ll see you tomorrow, young man”.

    now you just think by yourself, WTF I DID LAST NIGHT WITH MY LEADER?

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  • @W33b_BOTs to make you read the journal very well lol 🙂

  • @Nibba_Nibby22 yeah 😞

  • Do we have to read it all.

    "A good post must be like a miniskirt, short enough to maintain interest, but long enough to cover the subject" XD
    by Celeste Headlee's Sis

    I will read it later

  • @FangYuan Ms. Fang 😁
    Hello, i am surprised you love mini skirt

  • I am reading it, it's so damn hilarious

  • Now it's getting emotional

  • It's motivating now

  • WHOA WHOA BOSS , it was fun to read

  • Why are you feeling insecure? That's a fun life you got there !

  • You are just a @Corpse now hahha, don't you speak about mini skirts

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