New here and want to help with people training @

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  • What are you training for? I could use some help

  • I'm going through hell and don't have anyone to go to

  • I do mass build and cardio

  • i am a tall slim man an ectomorph. i will never be big and i realize that. but how can i get the body of a swimmer or lean gymnast? i have thinking about doing pilates but my friends bulk, just wanna be tone. right now i do alot of stair climbing. was diagnosed with heart condition LVH but heart dr sais it was mild and go ahead and excercise

  • The best way is to eat right any one can be big, takes lots off training and eating, for mass is lost off carbs, red meat 750grams a day, and for lean build like swimmers, white meat, tuna, chick, fish etc. At least 5 days a week and 2 days a week red meat, 6 meals a day and at least 5 days off training

  • With heart problems best is own body weight take it slow and some sit uos and push ups is great for begging

  • I'm doing push ups and sit ups need to drop weight

  • @Roma9113 you must have iron levels pretty damn high with all that meat! im mildly anemic. but you are wrong on being big. an ectomorph is born with small bone structure and cannot support large muscle mass. i read on it. the human body is programmed at birth through bone density how big you can be. thats why you dont see beer bellies on slim tall people . anyway, do you recommend men do pilates or yoga? im not a big weights guy but i would like to one day run amile and not feel like i need to fall over dead like i do now! hell i cant even run 100 yrds without my heart pounding!

  • Either way pilates and yogi is good for mental health but not going to make you jogging for longer periods,
    Try this on your daily routine
    Incline Plyo Push Ups.
    Squat Jacks.
    Lunge Tap Backs.
    Hip Raise Marches.
    180 Burpees.
    Plank Walk.
    Lateral Ski Jumps.
    Leg Lift Reverse Crunch

  • All above is with out weight. You can use an stretch belt with it

  • any basic exercises to improve arm strength? all I see around the internet are push-ups. . . and I've really weak arms. . .

  • Hi ella 26 first do you go to gym or at home, and do you have an yoga ball