• So food is a big part of my life, I would say. Having a dad who worked in the restaurant business and just being raised in the Carolinas contributed a good amount.
    But as I sit here at 28, Im cooking more for me and my roomie, but Iealize I still have much to learn with the art of baking. Now, I like making cheesecake, but they could get better for sure.

    So I come to ask those who are big into cooking, or wish to get into cooking, where do you believe you are in need of work?

  • I had a side business a few years ago in catering (dessert tables for parties and such). as much as I love baking I had to let that gig go. I enjoy baking, when I do it for myself so when I was "obligated" to do it, it sucked the juice right out for me.

    anyway, I'm my biggest critic. believe there's always room for improvement/adjustments.. we're always growing.

  • I enjoy cooking and am always trying to come up with new ideas that will also keep me within my dietary needs without eating the same boring plain meat and plain veggies all the time.

    For the life of me, I can not make eggs and I love eggs. You would think something so simple would be easy... not for me. I either cook them too long, or not long enough. Rubber, or runny. There is no between. Scambled are okay, but I love over easy and I hate breaking the yolk! It is always a hit and miss for me. Either way I still eat them... just wish I had this skill down.

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