• Am new here and found out that a some hours no one seems to like or view my profile.So I asked myself this question. I think it worth asking.I was not happy because no view or like my profile.This is how God fills sometimes if we refuse to worship him and give praise.#Godisgood#

  • God needs nothing from us. We need God. We submit ourselves to God for our own benefit and we rebel against God at our own detriment. Peace to you 👍and welcome to the site. Ain't nobody perfect.😉 We all get sad when were ignored. I know I certainly do.

  • @Shadrack-Kusi Not everyone believes in God so that maybe why no one was messaging you. 😊

  • @Shadrack-Kusi I would hazard a guess that most profile views are to see if someone is male or female. You have a pic - so that clears up that question (even though it's a little skewed and could stand being redone).
    In addition, as far as profile goes, yours has little content.
    Just work on being a contributing part of the community (with useful commentary). Views will come or they won't come. As far as I know, no one worships profiles.