• There are better words
    -Cool it Buster

  • Soul Searchers

    I am a white male. I live in the Mississippi River Delta and I am a minority. It's approximately 75 percent black.
    I only say nigga when I am addressing a good friend.
    Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I also live with black people

    My homie

  • @wet-teri naw I’m talkin bout edgy white kids who think they’re thugs and cool like that

  • Soul Searchers

    @HowBoutNo said in Why do y’all edgy white kids always say the n-word?:

    @wet-teri naw I’m talkin bout edgy white kids who think they’re thugs and cool like that

    Don't confuse stupidity for balls.
    Some people are just idiots.
    The truly sad thing is when they are young and have yet to receive the knowledge that you gain as time passes and they will go out acting like a thug and kill another young person ruining the lives of a lot of people.
    It happens all the time around here I lost a few good friends and a good friend of mine's son is in prison right now for murder I just got through losing a girlfriend kid doing the shooting didn't hit any of his targets and shot a friend of mine in the back and he killed a girl friend of mine wannabe thugs dumbass idiot assholes is what they are

  • ‎‎‎‎‎‎nigga‎‎‎‎‎‎

  • @HowBoutNo Not all white kids always say that word! The vast majority of white kiddos using that word is trolls over the internet and nobody should take them seriously! You play part just as much as the actual troll when retaliating because you are giving them what they want so they'll keep going just to piss you off even more 🙂

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