• 13-year-old girl,
    Raped and left alone,
    No justice, just a child in her belly.
    Year pass, bullying at the max.
    "Go Kill Yourself"
    "You'll never get anywhere now that you're pregnant"
    "You're just a slut and a whore"
    Why does the world have to show the dark side of everything?
    Little do they know:
    The person who raped her was her father.
    She's praying that the baby won't have birth defects.
    She's scared to tell her mother.
    She's scared to know what she'll say.
    She doesn't eat because she's making herself throw it up.
    "Guys like girls who are skinny"
    She's throwing up again.
    She keeps to herself because she doesn't want someone to notice the bruises on her ribs from her father.
    She cries herself to sleep and wonder if its time to finally pull the trigger.
    "You're so beautiful," her dad says coming into her room at night.
    Next day she has a black eye and she's wearing a hoodie.
    The bullying increases, the tears build up.
    She tries to commit suicide.
    Everyone the next day:
    "OH, My! Please don't to that again!" "I can't live without you"
    IF that was TRUE then why were you the reason why I did it?

  • I'm use to thinking that they love me so much, but it's their fault I was hurt so bad and even more so after. This wound will never heal, at least not for a long time. Until that one moment when every breath matters, and ghostly figures trying to reach you at night won't have a certain darkness to follow them. No bed sheets will have to be pulled to reconcile the fear of being discarded or hurt. Since your light shines brighter than a thousand fairy lights, and your room is lit up in the night bursting with something so extraordinary and so beautiful: your baby's heart beats even louder, as is synced with yours. Nothing's more powerful than that. Not even him, Fuck him and his gasoline structure. He crawls around with yellow red glow stick, running out of juice and sanity. Glowing dimmer by the minute and turning grey as he hides like a coward. You don't need his love, it doesn't burn anywhere near like yours. Because as long as you're breathing fumes like daughter through your lungs, his will collapse. You're lost, but not afraid quite yet. It's a wierd world like Alice's, and the Wonderland, where everything's that's wrong seems right. But even the caterpillar can't help but turn more beautiful. That's how you can be if you choose. You can make the right decisions, and feel somewhat, reborn. With Two wings dazzling and true hearts still beating inside you. I wouldn't revisit the past if it were to take over me again. I've been praying close attention to what matters, and how I want my Wonderland to be, and who I kick out, and who I let stumble in. And for the guy who raped me, for whatever reason; Not ever again, he can fuck off in his pit. I'm fine with who I am, and you should be too.

  • @hales18 😮 what a night, and yeah yours too

  • @julio I absolutely love this! Great Job! I really felt something!

  • @julio said in The words unsaid.:

    @hales18 😮 what a night, and yeah yours too

    I'd love to hear more from you!

  • @hales18 maybe XD, until you can inspire me again. Truthfully 😕 I'm not much of anything, but I tend to be as honest as I can. It's a wierd way to vent really. But if you post anything I'll check it out for sure 😮

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