• To my friends, I wish you well.
    To those that are just lonely and reaching out for someone to talk to, try [removed link]
    To everyone on the site, I wish you all the best and hope you find the happiness you all deserve.

    as for me, I tap out. It's a bitter defeat, but that's life.
    My account will be deleted, but my content will stay. I've submitted request for everything to be removed though.

    With a heavy heart,
    Lindsey L.

  • @Lindsey I feel you girl.. These men are something else on here. Even tho you say you aren't what they are looking for they still nag. Even tho my profile says I'm not looking for anything they speak to me as if I am. It's very annoying but the cool people I have met on here are worth me staying. But I understand if you are sick of these jerks and sorry it had to come to this. I wish you all the best you beautiful soul. ❤😊


    @Lindsey I didn’t get a chance to get to know u but I really enjoyed ur posts. I’m sry ur leaving and hope u are ok about it.

  • @Lindsey what happened?

  • the CALM CLINIC is also an awesome place 🙂

  • because this could not be in private , right? so be it. i already realize this place is alot like society. bunch of 2 faces. dont bother me, more than used to it. why the fuck do you think i like to be a loner. you see why now. trust no one. i have met still a few good people on here. we'll see if they screw me over as well. btw...I THOUGHT YOU ALREADY LEFT!

  • @Lindsey hey message me

  • No Lindsey! Don’t go! I’m going to miss our chats! You are a really good person ❤

  • Oh no, one of my favourite people right here already gone ... Wish you all the best ... You are such a pure soul ... Will miss talking to you.

  • Oh no, bad news 😣 This place has a real do-whatever-you-want-to-damn-the-consequences quality to it which I enjoy, but I can see how others (esp female users) wouldn't.

    Hope ya change your mind some day, although it seems unlikely now.

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