Casual sex-could deal with the feels but what's up with the mixed signals

  • I'm sleeping with this guy. I've caught the feels for him. That's nothing new for me. I know how to deal and keep the casual sex relationship going no prob...except this one is throwing me for a loop with mixed signals. I don't text for a few days...he asks why I haven't texted him. So I text him more and he blows me off and barely answers. We've been sleeping together for 2 months. To minimize the story, in that time, I've not texted for a two day span before and he wants to know why...I text Merry Christmas with no reply back so I waited til he returned to town and then just texted hi and got a return text asking why I hadn't been talking to him...was I looking for new prospects and basically begging for New year's Eve with me. Then showing up 2 hours late New year's Eve but spending all of news years day with me...then this last week his "60 yr old roommates" mom is in the hospital so he is unavailable so I left him alone, on the premise "he's busy" but then he got upset...comes over, tells me he'd love to get more texts during the day even when he's working, something I would only do with a boyfriend, and calls (I've never called him/he's never called me) from me (I suck at calling). So I try to do have him barely answer hours later, if at all to responding to me today with "sorry. roommates mom died." WT...? me understand what the heck...

  • @dramaqn8 Seems like either he is really confused and inconsistent about what he wants or (more likely) just deliberately keeping you off-balance so you're easier to manipulate 😞

  • he is in it for the sex . period.

  • @mikeJB I can accept that. I've been in more than a few of these situationships. But why the game? Usually, it's text convo when it's time to get convo in between. I keep my feelings to myself every time.

  • i see no games. you want more than what he is willing to give. he wants to happily fuck but still be nice about it. you want the dick but still the convo and feelings etc. id just ask him point blank "what do you want outt this? something long term or just a fuckbody" ? see what he says

    done. damn i should have been on dr phil!

  • @mikeJB Ok. Dr. Phil...why is HE asking me to call and text him? Like, is that just weird foreplay I've never experienced before? Here, let me turn this chick on by asking her for more attention? Oh, sex is over. Damn, nevermind, don't really want that text or that call...but thanks for the sex? Bc I can get that...guess I'll just ask him.

  • This post is deleted!

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