• Some time ago, i made a pretty big mistake and wondered about things. One of those things was, how big my influence really is...hom much of a difference my oppinion makes. Because i sometimes just have the feeling to loose control over a situation, like an argument, and later on I feel guilty for not acting properly in that moment. And so, I have a big problem, when something doesnt go acording to my plans...so i just wanted to ask, what you guys think about it, or what you would advice me.
    Thanks in addvance

  • @syler1998 i know what you feeling it happens to me as well, what i do is try get out of the situation, go cool down in my room, but if it gets to an argument and i feel guilty after i try appoligise and show them i mean it by helping them out

  • @seb1 its not like iam getting angry or so...just me feeling i was wrong all allong, and my opposite partner was right

  • @syler1998 yes. try compromise, listen to each other and work together is
    my advise

  • my advice is to carry a bottle of water,and everytime u feel the urge to loose control drink water,still not in control sit down,still not in control walk away.

    only respond after 5 minutes of an incident that triggers you.

  • Gamers

    you need to find your introvert friend.. learn from him/her.