New Here😘Help?

  • Hey everyone I'm new here and was wondering if there was anyone willing to help me get around here? Like, I've never used a forum before so... I'm not too sure what to do or how to get obsessed with this... Cos I want to be a regular user but I get bored easily if I don't understand things.

    For example... I'm a really openly sexual person and I swear a lot but in my first live public CHAT I kinda felt like I was really misplaced and felt asshole.
    I don't know how to not make a sexual joke every so's just who I am so..I don't know... How can I still be myself but stay here and make friends...
    It kinda feels like high school all over again...

  • Just chill and be yourself...You will surely find a lot of good people to text with... πŸ™‚

  • @st-wolf hahha πŸ˜‚ awww I'm so sorry that happened to you πŸ’• oh God I bet they do xxx let it all hang out πŸ˜‚

  • @mimimonsterkitty Lucky you, last time I joined someone traumatized me with his genital, I'm still wondering if those who do so are walking naked on the streets.

  • @st-wolf I have. it was the first thing I did before making an account but they kept leaving cos I'm boring :'3

  • @mimimonsterkitty Everything's okay lol, as I said, you can be whoever or whatever you want, it's a free chat after all. You can also join in a private chat with a stranger, but luckily you haven't done that.

  • @st-wolf oh hey again...
    I didn't mean to seem weird in that chat... I got excited cos I felt like I could be myself on here...
    What do you mean, there's two different chats?

  • Hey there and welcome to TWS. I'd suggest you using the forum/public chat since the "random strangers" are usually horny indians who shares pics of their genitals before greeting. It's an open chat so feel free to talk the way you want.

  • @essam20 how? I'm finding it really hard to make friends...

  • @mimimonsterkitty it's very wonderful thing to communicate with friends in this forum


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