newest HOF r/r inductions

  • and my beef is not with this list
    Whitney Houston, Depeche Mode, T-Rex, Notorious B.I.G and the Doobie Brothers


  • then you would fit right in!

  • Nine Inch Nails/ Trent Reznor has produced some of the most incredible music for the "Industrial Rock" Genre. Nine Inch Nails inspired many artist including Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Motionless in White. Trent is one hell of a musician and has been incredibly innovative and at the forefront of advances and pushing the limits of what one can do with audio signaling and modular synths, incredible talented. He won an Oscar with Atticus Ross for their original score for the social network. The also scored the movie Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and BirdBox. I've been a Nails fan since i was 13. I only got the chance to see them 2 years ago, I was front row, it was hands down the best live performance I had ever seen. I was stoked to see Depeche Mode finally get in the hall of fame too. Whitney, i mean I understand why, same with BIG, and Doobie. . . but T-Rex?

    you know whats kind of funny is that Nine Inch Nails had been nominated for the Hall of fame twice before, but Trent has openly criticized the hall of fame for being bullshit for passing on inducting legendary and influential acts in the past. That was until he was asked to present the TheCure when they were inducted and where he mentioned his distain for the hall of fame because up until that point the cure had been passed on. So the fact that NIN is being inducted is a trip to me. I'm happy for him and the guys.

  • whats wrong with NIN? The hall of fame is a giant piss stain anyways....

  • @mikeJB said in newest HOF r/r inductions:

    then you would fit right in!

    Yeah I actually have a band called the piss stains...

    You on the other hand would have been better off as a cum stain.

  • @Lindsey dont you just think that NIN were riding the coattails of skinny puppy ?

  • No, if anything they were riding the coat tails of Ministry, but they later evolved and became something that transcended the industrial genre. I think nails gets hate from Industrial purest because they had commercial success. Idk though. Don't get me wrong I've seen Ministry before and had a good time, and I love love love aggrotech and literally had a moment when I flew to Missouri to see Skinny Puppy for the first time. I cried it was so good live.

  • @Lindsey gonna take a wild guess , you like Rahmstein dont ya?

    my industrial nod goes to FEAR FACTORY

  • LOL Mike, why are you doing this to me haha
    thats a complicated answer.
    As a kid, i loved them, but i didn't know any better. I thought i was being edgy, silly kid.
    then i read their lyrics and was like wtf they're saying nonsense
    now that im older, if i listen to R i only listen to the singles
    but im indifferent to them

    Fear Factory I always considered more Industrial Rock/ Metal. Not a bad choice though

  • @Lindsey

    @Lindsey said in newest HOF r/r inductions:

    then i read their lyrics and was like wtf they're saying nonsense

    Not everyone emotionally graduated beyond high school...

    The angst lives on.

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