• I think it would be best to get someone that talks way more then I do to take my spot. Like I said in the mod chat, there is alot of people who are much more liked and better with people than I am. Most of the other mods takes more time than me to explain things to the users. So users hate me for it so I am always getting attacked because they think I am abusing power. I am cold with everyone and don't reply much. I have many people that hate me because of what I caused in banter I have many enemies. I want what's best for live chat moving forward. Thank you so much, @Live-chat-moderators and @TalkWithStranger, for the opportunity I had to assist and serve everyone on live chat.

  • @Live-Chat-Moderators I want to clarify something for future. When there is major issues it would be best to message @TalkWithStranger and send them screenshots of the issue so they can really look into it. You all have been doing good at being mods and making live chat active. You guys are equals on the team, no bowing needed, and should refrain from commenting 😉 I am going to be making @AXES group owner of the @Live-Chat-Moderators group. This allows you to make users mods for live chat by simply adding them to the group and giving them the mod link.

  • It sucks to see you go Sickest,im sorry trolls have been attacking you so much but
    I want to thank you for giving me and everyone else a chance to make Live a better place and showing us how to do things.
    We all appreciate your help!

  • Live Chat Moderator Music Lovers Animal Lovers Live Chat Regulars Gamers

    I understand Sickest, and will do the best I can to do the job correctly..

  • Locked by  Janet Janet 

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